Acclimate-Basic Training

The Acclimate-Basic Training module will deepen your understanding of your accountabilities as a Group Leader and the processes that support your success and get you started in your Group Leader role.

Your Learning Objectives:

  • Envision how you want to serve as a Group Leader
  • Be able to articulate why volunteering as a Group Leader with RESULTS is important to you
  • Deepen your understanding of the Group Leader role and how pivotal it is to both your group and overall RESULTS success
  • Understand the roles of an advocate and the journey of engagement
  • Experience a well run group meeting and identify successful techniques

Your Learning Sequence

Write down your vision and goals for your work as a group leader and save, to maintain focus on the big picture while taking specific actions.

Group Leader Description

Review again the Group Leader role description.

Grassroots Roles

Review again the various leadership roles you may see in action in the group meeting.

Attend and observe a well-run group meeting:

  • Notice successful techniques you can use
  • Think through an observation plan and any questions you have
  • Note down any techniques you can use and discussion points for your weekly region meetings

Participate in Group Leader calls led by your Regional Coordinator.

(RESULTS staff will work to connect you with your Regional Coordinator.)

Talk to your Regional Coordinator about additional leadership-building resources.


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