Tools You Can Use

June 4, 2011
by Lisa Marchal, Global Grassroots Associate

While this is not an exhaustive list of what’s available, these are a few of our “greatest hits” online resources available to support, assist, and inspire you as you advocate! 

1. Activist Milestones. The activist milestones are meant to be used as a step-by-step guide to introduce yourself, new volunteers, and other community activists to concrete actions you can take to develop skills as effective citizen activists.

2. Champion Scale. Thinking about how to transform your member of Congress into a proactive anti-hunger leader? Check out this tool. 

3. Sustaining Groups. If your group could use a little more pep in its step, building cohesion, or moving forward, this resource might help.

4. Growing the Network. There are people in your community who are looking for an opportunity like RESULTS. Use these tips to reach them.  

5. Group Resources. Check out this page for needed documents and great marketing pieces that will help you keep your group on track and growing.

6. Fundraising. Help fuel the movement by creating a dynamite fundraising event that enrolls people into our vital work.  

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