RESULTS Tacoma Brings a Fundraiser to Life

October 20, 2011
by Phyllis Bjorkman, RESULTS Tacoma group leader

I imagine that some of you have been reluctant to have a fundraiser. Maybe like me (until this recent success) it had been several years since and you remembered how much work was involved. For me it had been 12 years since the Tacoma group had held a fundraiser. 

Then in July of this year, we were approached by our fundraising coach, Beth Wilson, with a fundraising suggestion that we couldn’t refuse. Julie Bolz was available to be our speaker! With Beth, who works in Tacoma, helping with the inviting, our Tacoma group agreed we were due to have a fundraiser.  

We researched the available venues and chose a downtown technical college with their culinary staff and students catering the event. We felt it appropriate to give the students the job considering our education theme. We mobilized with the help of our coach and began all the planning and inviting.

It was a lovely September evening, with a total of 86 terrific attendees (including RESULTS staff members Joanne Carter, Kolleen Bouchane and Victoria Treland who were in the area visiting the Gates Foundation). The great food and wonderful program capped the event.  

Having Joanne with us to speak and to introduce Julie Bolz made it an especially momentous evening. It was such a gift to have Julie Bolz as our speaker. She mesmerized us with her presentation. All in the room were concentrated on her powerful argument for continuing school-building and keeping the connection between Afghanistan and U.S. schools. Her presentation fit so nicely with our focus on Education for All. Most of those in attendance had never come to a RESULTS event before, so it served as a terrific outreach activity as well. 

In every respect, it was a successful event and we look forward to the camaraderie of doing it again.


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