Regional Coordinators and Staff Work the Weekend in D.C.

December 15, 2009
by Ken Patterson, Global Grassroots Manager

Regional CoordinatorsThe mood was upbeat and energetic as global and domestic regional coordinators (RCs) spent Friday through Sunday with staff working on strategies to make our grassroots more powerful. The weekend included guest speakers, RC- and staff-led sessions, and a holiday party with the entire RESULTS/RESULTS Educational Fund, Microcredit Summit, and ACTION staffs.

Fruits of the weekend included:

  • Everyone involved having a better understanding of what grassroots activists need to be effective.
  • A consensus that creating political will on any issue requires a broader engagement of our communities, and that in order to do this we must:
    • learn from existing successes,
    • redefine community engagement as more than finding new partners, and
    • provide support and training to our groups on coalition building and community outreach.
  • A list of new practices and tools to be developed that will enhance our work in 2010 and beyond.

RCs did a great job representing grassroots realities on the ground developed a tighter bond with each other and the staff. This successful event will impact campaign planning that is happening on Monday and Tuesday and will set us up to take bolder actions in our communities in 2010.

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