Our decision was powered by our drive to make a difference

July 7, 2017
by Ken and Linda Schatz, Global Poverty Volunteers, Tampa, FL

We have volunteered for RESULTS for more than 36 years, guiding lawmakers to support policies that will bring an end to poverty by lobbying our representatives and senators from the three states we’ve lived in and promoting our issues in the media. We’ve had successes and failures, highs and lows, but never a more challenging time than this.

The proposed budget cuts are literally shocking, and it breaks our hearts to think that so many people both in the US and globally could be cut off from life-saving support. But the exciting news comes from the huge increase in the number of citizens across the spectrum of political views who want to have a voice in how our country is run.

When RESULTS came to us and said they had launched a campaign to ensure the organization has enough resources to build the advocacy muscle we need in this critical moment, we were eager to hear more. The campaign, called the Leaders for Action Challenge, is bringing together 10 people to give $10,000 each to create a $100,000 matching pool that will be launched at the 2017 RESULTS International Conference in July. The goal is for this match to inspire giving from our wider network of donors, volunteers, and activists who are energized in the face of the unprecedented threats facing the anti-poverty movement.

We are proud to join the Leaders for Action Challenge. Our decision was powered by our drive to make a difference in the lives of so many people and raise our voices together with other advocates around the country and world.

There is nothing more important to us now than seeing the worst aspects of poverty eliminated during our lifetimes. Becoming Leaders for Action represents our commitment to that cause. If this speaks to you, please contact Caitlin Van Orden at RESULTS today!

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