New Editorial Packet Available on the GAVI Replenishment

May 5, 2011
by Blair Hinderliter, Communications Director

In lead up to the GAVI replenishment on June 13 in London, we have several tools on the website for both congressional and media action! We have an editorial packet for your use when speaking with the media about this very important opportunity for the U.S. to take a lead in saving more than four million children through a global vaccination pledge. 

As we saw last year during the Global Fund replenishment, our media efforts can have tremendous impact! The amount of editorials, op-eds, and letters-to-the-editor around the Global Fund replenishment was truly amazing and undoubtedly pushed the administration toward making its first ever three-year pledge to the Global Fund!

Let’s try to do the same this May and June with a media push aimed at urging the administration to make a contribution of $450 million over the next 3 years to the GAVI Alliance, a global partnership to improve access to new and underused vaccines. Now is a great time to reconnect with the contacts that you made last fall during our last big media push. We have set the following goals:

  1. 10 Editorials
  2. 10 Op-eds
  3. At least one letter to the editor from each global group (70)

As always, the grassroots, legislative, and media teams are here to support you in your work. Let us know how we can be of assistance, and please share your successes through this listserv and/or the RESULTS Forum. Great luck in earning some media between now and June 13!

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