Have Training, Will Travel: New Allies in our Tuberculosis Work

February 10, 2011
by Lisa Marchal, Global Grassroots Associate

At the end of January, 12 new RESULTS allies gathered in Washington, DC, for an intense and enjoyable two days of training. Each of these allies has experience with tuberculosis (TB), either through personal experience with the  disease or through professional expertise. The participants applied for the  training with the hope of learning specific strategies and skills that will enhance their role as print and live media spokespersons for the end of TB. Each of these allies has committed to giving 10 days of the 2011 calendar year to partnering with our activists, pledging to travel to towns and cities in which our grassroots partners are doing their work. The engaging messages of these trainees paired with the advocacy savvy of our grassroots partners will certainly help us make even more progress in our campaign to stop this preventable, treatable, curable disease.

Would you like to know how a trainee can come to your town for your planned media, community, and congressional advocacy work? Contact Crickett Nicovich, Outreach and Advocacy Associate to learn more.

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