Guilt-Free Zone!

May 31, 2012
by Lisa Marchal, Global Grassroots Associate

This spring, I had the opportunity to attend the RESULTS Canada/Pacific Northwest Regional Conference in beautiful Victoria, BC. What a delight to experience the collective wisdom and enthusiasm of so many RESULTS advocates, new and seasoned.

During one session, Carolyn Prouty, veteran RESULTSer, brought up the notion of a “guilt-free zone.” The idea was mentioned in the context of gratitude being shared toward a fellow RESULTS leader. The notion was that this leader, while always helping the group strive toward new greatness, never used guilt as a potential motivator. The leader was able to challenge and inspire but let people be okay with doing what they could in their own life situations. Ailing parents, busy school calendars, hectic jobs, other community obligations, and the need to refresh – all of these and more are valid reasons why, sometimes, we reach fewer activist milestones or achievements than at other times. This leader, Carolyn pointed out, honored that reality and always welcomed people to move forward from where they were with no guilt applied.

What a terrific thought.

So the next time you find that guilt is overshadowing your enthusiasm for the important work we do, step out into a sunny guilt-free zone. Take that one step forward from just where you are. It will feel good AND will make a difference.  

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