Easy Ways to Harness Facebook for Advocacy: Part 2 of 3

February 4, 2011
by Mary Peterson, Global Grassroots Associate for Expansion

Last week, in our first post about harnessing the power of Facebook, we talked about following up contact with members of Congress. This week we are covering how you can inspire the people in your social network to become informed and get active.

Posting and reposting interesting articles and talking points

Look at how many friends you have on Facebook. Is it 100, 200, or maybe even 500+? Everything you post on Facebook filters across their news feeds. With every posting, you can help inform someone’s opinion, engage in a thought provoking conversation online, or even encourage someone to take an action. Take a moment and think of the articles you come across throughout the day or the e-mails urging you to action. Next time you come across something of interest, post it on Facebook. Who knows who in your social network you will be inspiring to act?

Next week we will cover how to tag people and organizations in your status updates.

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