Donate Your Facebook Status to Urge Our Leaders to Take Action in Passing Real Health Care Reform

December 8, 2009
by Sara Rigdon, Communications Intern, RESULTS

As the debate over health care reform heats up, I have seen more and more of my friends and family become involved in the political process. They have written letters to their Congressmen, called their local Representatives, and held open forums in their communities. But one method of action in particular — social networking — seems to be creating the most noise around the issue.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have evolved from the entertainment networks they were when I first started college three years ago, and are now powerful tools for lobbying politicians, educating the public, and organizing large groups. In the past few years, I have seen campus organizations, religious communities, and political parties begin to use Facebook and Twitter to mobilize their members. Nearly everyone with access to the internet has used one of these sites at some point — my mom, dad, and even my grandmother have a Facebook account.

That’s why it’s so great that RESULTS is taking advantage of these modern tools and is using them to rally support behind the most important piece of legislation of our time: health care reform. Tomorrow, December 8, RESULTS will be encouraging everyone that believes in the importance of passing meaningful health care reform to donate their Facebook status to the cause. More status donations mean more phone calls to Congress. Just as every voice counts, every status counts as well.

Making a difference has never been easier. Simply create a status message that explains how important health care reform is to you. You can use the one we’ve already written (below), or you can design your own.

On December 8, join RESULTS in making the voices of America heard. Stand up for health care reform by dedicating your status to RESULTS, and make legislators take notice of our movement for change.

Here’s what I’m writing: Sara is donating my status to @Results .org today because I’m sick and tired of a health care system that neglects our sick and tired. It’s time for our elected officials to stand up and take action in passing real health care reform. Please join me by calling Congress NOW at (888) 797-8717 (toll free) and posting this as your status for the rest of the day to help us build a better, healthier country.

Be sure that when you post this status, you don’t simply copy and paste the example above. If you are Facebook friends with, manually typing @Results .org tags our page, allowing our staff to track the number of statuses that have been donated. It also provides a link to our Facebook page, so that anyone reading your status can learn more about us and also start to take action. Thanks for your support!

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