D + R = Global Health Action. Tell Your Editors to Write About World AIDS Day, Dec 1.

November 20, 2010
by Jen Maurer, Sr. Policy Associate

Washington is accused of fuzzy math all the time. But here’s a D.C. equation for you that really does work: D + R = Global Health Action. That’s right: Democrats and Republicans work together for global health all the time.

Let’s celebrate this rare creature of bipartisanship on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1. Regale your editor with the important story of how Washington works together to push through critical funding and legislation to fight HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria. And then tell him/her to write about it and urge more U.S. support for the Global Fund!

Send them this editorial packet — and then make that call to seal the deal.

If they wrote an editorial about the Global Fund earlier this year, thank them. To help convince them to write an editorial, you can also send the media we generated for the Global Fund’s funding conference to show this is an important, nationally-covered story. To assure your success, consider the following:

  • The editorial packet is excellent at capturing the need for bipartisan ship in the current political climate. Should be appealing to your papers.
  • Did your members of Congress cosponsor the Lantos-Hyde Act in 2008? Senate Vote. House Vote. Good to point out if they did.
  • Is there any kind of World AIDS Day event happening in your community (most communities will do something)? Highlight for editors that World AIDS Day is a local concern.
  • Get someone from the local health district, AIDS group, or TB Controller’s office to write an oped in addition.
  • If you want, link to George Bush’s book tour and highlight this is one of his best legacies.

For coaching on how to call your editor and make a pitch, contact grassroots support staff Ken and Lisa, or our media director, Blair.

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