Creative Preparation for National Outreach on October 17

September 25, 2009
by Ken Patterson

So my Regional Coordinator Teresa Rugg and I were having our regular lunch meeting, Snohomish’s version of “brainstorming” meeting, and musing on ways to develop the October 17 global call into an outreach. It’s Stand Up weekend, and the folks at Jubilee USA have encouraged me to develop an event or events for the area. Not so much “what do we do?” as “where do we do it?”

If you’ve been to Teresa’s Snohomish countryside home where hospitality and parking abound, let alone the annual family and friends reunion, and until this past year the RESULTS Snohomish group have been meeting, yup, perfect. She thought of her church in Marysville but after a few minutes decided her home is a more central location. And it’s a more comfortable atmosphere, maybe more “neutral” for an outreach. She’s our gracious host, again.

So a plan comes together, tossing out ideas both sublime and ridiculous, we sift the chaff out and have a basic platform to start with. First off, get out word to save the date, morning of the global conference call. Good. We know Saturday is family day, and kids are usually at our E&A’s, but for the conference call see if we can encourage adults only to minimize distractions. It’s a brunch hour, how about baked goods? Teresa is a pie guru, I’m not to shabby in the cookie department. Hey, some to eat — how about a bake sale to take pies and cookies home, generating a fundraising opportunity? Sweet!

We did this right at the one-month-out point. Let’s get the word out. Who to invite? E-mails to our friends at the congressman’s office. The two editors we have built relationships with (we were told that it’s right before local elections, so getting editorial coverage of this or our issues at this time could be iffy at best *sigh*), online event site called Eventful, we can post there for free. I can e-mail county churches (,class,church,scfips,53061.cfm, we used this to send postcards out for an event last year). We choose the ones that are most likely to have a global action group or active missions view. We have learned the importance of working with the interfaith community in our area. Our snowball is gaining momentum.

More to follow . . . . . stay close =). Sammi

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