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February 14, 2012
Jeremy Nguyen-Phuong, Global Legislative Intern

The RESULTS website can be considered the Baobab tree (below) for advocacy. What is a Baobab tree you may ask? You may have seen them in an African landscape or even in the Lion King; it is the stunning tree that the monkey Rafiki lives in. Like the “For New Activists” webpage, the Baobab Tree serves as a resource center for life around it during times of need. During the rainy season, the baobab tree must use its branches to collect and store as much water as possible before the harsh drought conditions. These tree help provide water and food to all the life around just like RESULTS.

Baobab Tree

Additional Lessons from the Basics:

  1. Understanding the power of storytelling and laser talks

  2. With the right tools anyone can become a successful advocate against poverty!

  3. Find your interest and work with any RESULTS campaign

  4. Take action in creating powerful relationships in congress and the community

Overall, each branch on a baobab tree represents the activists at RESULTS, all coming together to help get the resources and trainings they need to be empowered advocates to end global poverty. At my internship with RESULTS, I know there is still plenty to learn, but I can continue knowing that I am part of this tree.

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