Updated: A message from Joanne about reports of harassment and bullying at Stop TB secretariat

November 30, 2020
by Joanne Carter, Executive Director, RESULTS

Dear RESULTS family:

Earlier this year, I shared with you about allegations of racism and bullying at the Stop TB Partnership (see below). Stop TB is separate from RESULTS, but is a longtime partner in our work against TB. You may recall that I serve as Vice Chair on their board, and that the Stop TB Board Executive Committee launched an independent review and a broader set of review processes after learning details of these allegations this summer.

Just before Thanksgiving, the Stop TB Board released the findings from those processes and an action plan in response. The plan lays out a set of actions grounded in a commitment to a safe, equitable work environment and an inclusive and effective global TB response. These actions were informed by the independent review, a Stop TB staff survey, and public recommendations from TB civil society, leaders from directly affected communities, and others.

Racism and the legacy of colonialism drive health inequality and still fuel the TB epidemic today, and we cannot beat TB without a commitment to human rights, anti-racism, and centering the communities directly affected. That’s why the Board’s action plan focuses on both making Stop TB a more equitable place for staff to work, and making the TB response more equitable globally. These actions range from creating a new policy to direct funding to local organizations in high-burden countries, to boosting equitable representation on the Board, to implementing new requirements on equity, accountability, and transparency for Stop TB staff, leadership, and Board members.

You can find the full statement and list of recommendations endorsed by the Stop TB Board here.

There will be a public comment period until Dec 11th on the action plan, to suggest additional priority actions. With so many leaders on anti-oppression within the RESULTS community, I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to provide smart thinking into the process.

In partnership,


* * *

September 12, 2020

Dear RESULTS family:

Today the New York Times published a story about serious allegations of bullying and racism at the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat, an international organization based in Geneva.

Stop TB is a long-time partner of RESULTS on our campaigns to scale up treatment and prevention of tuberculosis. In addition, I serve as Vice Chair of the Stop TB Partnership Board.

I am absolutely committed to getting to the bottom of these issues. Earlier this summer after learning new details of allegations, we as the Stop TB Board Executive Committee quickly moved to commission an independent, external review, with initial findings due by the end of September.

The Stop TB Board is committed to quick and transparent action based on the review’s findings and recommendations. In the interim, we’re making sure staff have the immediate support they need and a safe, respectful work environment.

I want to assure you of two things:

First, there is no place for racism or any form of oppression at RESULTS or our partner organizations. Our movement will only be successful if we create an equitable and inclusive space for everyone. As advocates, we must confront oppression at all levels and work to change the people and policies that perpetuate it. The independent review of Stop TB that’s underway is a comprehensive look not just at the past, but at the policies and environment there today, focused on ensuring an equitable, anti-racist Stop TB Partnership.

Second, RESULTS will continue our efforts to end tuberculosis. Your advocacy has been instrumental in driving progress on TB – a global disease of poverty – over the last two decades. Particularly during this pandemic, we are at serious risk of backsliding in progress against this insidious killer. And we know that stigma and discrimination are drivers of this epidemic; until we stop oppression, we cannot stop TB.

As RESULTS, our commitment to anti-oppression extends to the policies we promote, how we operate, our partnerships, and our own lives. As a RESULTS community, I will keep you informed of further action related to the Stop TB Partnership, and I invite you to reach out with any questions or concerns.

In partnership,


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