98 Civil Society Organizations from Around the World Support the Global Partnership for Education

June 2, 2014
by Caroline Pearce, Global Coordinator of the Global Campaign for Education

This blog, originally posted here, announces the release of a global letter signed by 98 organizations, including RESULTS, that calls on governments to ensure a successful replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education on June 26 in Brussels.

Open Letter asks donors and developing countries to contribute toward a successful replenishment

This is impressive and certainly noteworthy: 98 civil society organizations from around the world publicly support the Global Partnership for Education and its second replenishment campaign which will culminate in a pledging conference on June 26, 2014 in Brussels. Four more weeks to go!

Only recently, the MyWorld2015 survey by the United Nations has confirmed that “a good education” is the top priority for citizens around the world, for all countries, all regions, and all ages. And yet as we know, funding is not commensurate with this global demand.

The world is fast approaching the deadline for promises made in the Millennium Development Goals and the Education for All agenda. With so many commitments still left unfulfilled, it is vital we re-double efforts.

As governments and civil society worldwide are currently discussing and debating the post-2015 agenda for education, the Global Partnership for Education must look towards how it aligns itself with this agenda, and becomes a critical vehicle for supporting and financing this agenda.

We need to listen to the citizens of the world

This is a critical moment for education for all. If the international community is to respond to the expressed concerns of citizens, and live up to its own commitments on education, it is crucial that the Global Partnership has sufficient resources for its partner countries to achieve the full Education For All agenda now and beyond 2015.

Led by the Global Campaign for Education, 98 civil society organizations from across the world have signed a letter in support of the Global Partnership for Education and its replenishment. The signatory organizations will use this letter to reach out to donors and Ministers of Education around the world over the coming weeks asking for contributions toward a successful replenishment.

For more on our call for a successful replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education, see Fund the Future: An action plan for funding the Global Partnership for Education.

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