2010 December Joint Global-US Conference Call

December 15, 2010
by Ken Patterson, Global Grassroots Manager

Our December 2010 National Conference call was a joint call of our Global and US Poverty divisions. Joanne Carter opened the call from Bulgaria, where she is at the Global Fund board meetings. She spoke of the importance of our work with the new Congress and highlighted the contributions of Nick Arena, COO, as he prepares to change jobs.

Scott Leckman, RESULTS Board Chair introduced our guest speaker, Sam Daley Harris, found of RESULTS. Sam shared stories about how, so many times, RESULTS activists made what seemed impossible, possible, by persistently working to reach our members of Congress at a deep, emotional level on the issues. Everyone is a potential ally. He illustrated the point by having Steve Valk from the Atlanta chapter share a story about their work with Rep. Pat Swindall.

Jos Linn and Jen Maurer shared some of our global and US successes for the year and Donna Howard updated us on our goal to raise $50,000 through Fall Fundraising (we raised $59,000).

We hear great grassroots shares from Janet McClenahan of Boise, ID; Cindy Chanyit Levin of Chicago, IL; Dave Goodman of NY, NY; and Bob Dickerson of Seattle, WA. Lisa Marchal lead us in learning the laser talk on having a relationship-building conversation with our members of Congress.

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